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Why Consider Us?

Trust. Experience. Quality. 

These three things underpin everything we do and make us unique from every other real estate agency. Both results and relationship driven, we are your trusted confidant providing you with expertise and abundant experience throughout the entire sales process. 

We care about our clients and are committed to providing honest and quality advice and service. We pride ourselves on our fantastic relationships with our vendors, the broader community and local councils. Our networks and connections with the community allow us to deliver an unrivalled service.


With over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, we offer expertise in all areas of sales. Our agents are extremely experienced in negotiation and are experts in obtaining the best price for their vendors. Highly skilled and specialised in selling, staff also undergo continuous training with REIV to ensure they are up to date with changing industry standards and legislation. Notably, we have our very own in-house award-winning REIV trainer as well as a fully trained auctioneer and professional copywriter and property journalist. Our results speak for themselves, with sales spanning all across Melbourne. From the East and North to Inner Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, our vast experience means we can deliver results in all market conditions for all property types in all suburbs. 


Quality is the hallmark of our service. We know every property is different and pride ourselves on the delivery of a quality and tailored package which will meet all your needs. Our personalised service means that you will engage with the same agent every step of the sale process, whilst drawing on the expertise of the entire agency. From the property appraisal stage to settlement day, we are responsive, professional and diligent. 

Marketing Strategies

Marketing is a major aspect of every sale and it is important to get it right.
That is why, here at Signature Melbourne, we have specialised marketing services to ensure we can deliver the best marketing approach for your particular needs.
Our technology, systems and eye for detail puts us a cut above other real estate agencies.
We have staging partners which advise you on the best way to stage your property for sale.
Our staging partners are leaders in the industry and have been staging homes for many years and have a proven record of generating buyer interest as a result of their staging.
We offer 3D virtual tours and professional photography which ensure your property is presented in the best way possible.
We also have a professional copywriter which will distinguish your home from others, highlighting your property’s unique features and ensuring it is marketed to the best extent

Selling Methods

We know every property is different and market conditions fluctuate, that is why we tailor our advice and have our finger on the pulse, to ensure our advice is unique and current.

As your trusted real estate agent, we will advise you on the best method to sell your property, taking into account your property, your suburb and the market conditions. One aspect of our quality service is the preparation of a tailored property report which advises the best selling method for your property.

We will advise you whether it is more appropriate to pursue a private sale or an auction and outline the pros and cons of each for your property.

Following this, we will discuss each approach with you, answer any of your questions and help you decide which approach is best for your particular circumstance.

We are experts in all selling methods as we have expertise in negotiation during private sales and have experienced in-house auctioneers.


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