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Selling in the cooler months

Spring and Summer are notoriously popular for selling, with warmer weather and vibrant gardens appealing to vendors.

However, savvy sellers know that dropping listing numbers in the cooler months means less competition in the market.

With buyers still very much active, selling in the ‘off season’ can work to a vendor’s advantage.

Here are 5 top tips for selling in Autumn and Winter.

1. Get the temperature right

Make sure the temperature is warm and inviting.

There’s nothing more uninviting for buyers, than to step out of the freezing cold and into a freezing cold home.

Ensure you put your heating on prior to an open or invest in some portable heaters to ensure the temperature is warm and welcoming.

2. Create warmth through colour and texture

Throw rugs and mats can make all the difference.

You can also add warmth to your home through touches of colour and texture.

Make your property look cosy by adding thick throw rugs and comfy looking cushions on the beds and couches.

Invest in some floor mats and soft rugs to make your home feel inviting and snug.

Try staging your home using rich and warm colours.

Ensure any fireplace is turned on.

As an alternative, light some candles for a sense of warmth.

3. Clean up the garden

Tidy up the garden before your opens.

Fallen autumn leaves can look festive, but they can also look like a lot of work and mess to potential buyers.

Rake up any dead leaves and debris before an open, to ensure your yard looks neat and tidy.

If you have a large yard with many trees and it’s not feasible to remove every leaf, try adding a feature to divert attention.

A few pieces of outdoor furniture with an outdoor heater or a fire pit could do the trick.

Even though it’s cold outside, you still want your garden to look its best.

Plant flowers that blossom in autumn and winter, such as pansies, daphne and fairy primrose.

Let there be light

4. Open all blinds and switch on all lights.

Take advantage of your windows and open the blinds in every room, to let in the most natural light possible.

Turn on every light in the house to make your home seem bright.

Brightness will make it feel cosier and cheerier, and also helps your home look larger.

5. Clean the windows

Rain, condensation and wind can make the windows dirty.

Rain and wind in the cooler months can make the windows dirty.

Be sure to wipe them down before an open to remove marks and smudges.